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Versatile • Contemporary • Dimensional

LINX Makes recognition walls easy!

Interchangeable plates

LINX Recognition Wall plates are easily removed, replaced, and/or updated.

Identical updates

We store your imprinting and design information so that plate additions look identical to the original.

Easy maintenance

Plates are easy to order and install—making sure you can keep your wall up-to-date.


Providing wall space is available, LINX can be expanded to make for a larger recognition wall.

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Nothing short of amazing!

Our experience has been nothing short of amazing! We wanted to create a wall of plaques that was used to recognize our employee’s achievements and they recommended the LINX wall. Installation was fast and professional and making updates to our wall is as easy as could be. It’s so easy that I am able to order new plaques and install them myself! With the LINX wall, we are able to make expansions as our company continues to grow and the design is timeless, so we’ll have it around for a long time. Our team is beyond happy with the way our wall has turned out and would recommend it to anyone.”

—Addy Cooper, Zynex

New, Innovative, and affordable

We make the process easy

Step One


What story do you want to tell?

During our discovery call, we’ll discuss how LINX can help you tell your storyeverything from donor contributions and employee accomplishments to the unique timeline of your company.

Step Two

Design Consultation

Our expert recognition consultants will take you through each step of the design process to find the best size, layout, colors, and material for a customized recognition wall that fits your buget.

Step Three

Build and install

Once the design is approved, our team will build your recognition wall.

Installation is easy. You can install it using our templates, or we can arrange for installation.

We're ready to work with you

Ready to Get Started?

Our experienced and caring recognition consultants will help you design the perfect wall for your needs—considering everything from shape and sizing, design and colors, future expansion, unique elements, and more.

LINX Project Ideas and uses

LINX Recognition Walls are not limited to straight edges and square or rectangular designs. See all LINX options.
The plates on LINX walls come either in a basket weave or linear style. Add a company statement or any relatable information. It can also serve as your entryway sign!
Perfect for a Culture Wall, use LINX to let others know who you are, what you value, and the mission/vision of your company. Employees feel a sense of purpose and meaningfulness when their names are posted on the wall.
Get creative with your wall! Use color on your plates and surrounding areas. Plates can be different sizes depending on the purpose of the wall.
Full-color backgrounds are an option with LINX Recognition Walls. Each plate has its own special imprint. We'll guide you to find the right design so that names can easily be read.
Consider adding color to your wall for high contrast.

If these walls could talk . . .


“The pictures don’t do it justice—it really is beautiful! And the best part of it is that the employees love it! They all think it’s pretty cool to find their names and to look at the others and to see the starting dates of everyone.

The plates all go in start date order, so it tells a great story too . . . We have also had very nice comments from others that have come into our office (suppliers, customers, etc.). It really makes a statement about who we are!

It’s all customizable to the size you want, and our vendor has made it very easy to order and install.”

Mindi Warling, Western States Fire

“From the moment the LINX wall was installed in our clubhouse, it was evident that it would redefine our space. The beautiful LINX wall has made a stunning impact, captivating our members and elevating the atmosphere to new heights. Award and Sign has been our trusted partner for years, and their dedication to excellence has never wavered. Their creative team is truly top-notch, consistently delivering innovative solutions that exceed our expectations. I look forward to our continued collaboration, knowing that with Award and Sign, our clubhouse will always reflect the utmost in style and sophistication.”

A Denver Golf Club


Recent Projects

We’ve been up to some cool stuff lately with our recognition walls. Think community empowerment, tech breakthroughs, and lots of heartfelt celebrations. We’re all about creating stunning designs and capturing those big moments for organizations everywhere. It’s all about telling stories and leaving our mark on history, one wall at a time!

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